Modern distilling systems


Modern distilling devices for production of high quality fruit brandies

  • In production of high quality aromatic brandies, along with high quality fruits, modern and easy to use technology is necessary.
  • Modern technical solutions, handmade devices and use of highest quality materials while building our devices for making fruit brandies ensure high quality final products (fruit brandies and other distillates).
  • Our solutions for process control and fine grained temperature control allows users to easily and precisely enjoy the distilling process which results in perfect final product.
  • Our catalogue:  japod.pdf Catalogue – modern distilling devices

Technical specifications of our modern devices:

Zapremina kazana l225 - 350
Zapremina duplog dnal130 (termičko ulje)
Snaga grejačakW2x6kW = 12kW
Rektifikaciona kolona/do 4 nivoa destilacije
Elektronska kontrola T/Vode u hladnjaku
Termičkog ulja