30 years of experience in the fruit processing industry.

We guarantee quality, durability, and reliability.

The best solutions for processing fruits and vegetables.

We offer customer support at all times.

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Quality is guaranteed by users from the entire region

We help professional producers, but also those who are yet to become so.

About us

JAPOD is a family company specialized in the production of high-quality machines for processing fruits and vegetables, the development of which summarizes 30 years of experience in the process equipment industry for fruit processing. Hundreds of our satisfied customers from all over the region, with whom we have been successfully cooperating all these years, guarantee the quality of our products and services.

To achieve the finest taste and aroma of jams, juices, fruit brandies, and many other products from fruits and vegetables, in addition to quality ripe fruits, as basic raw material, good technology is crucial. Our modern technological solutions, as well as the production, perfected over the past three decades, along with the quality of materials and elements we install, provide the best possible conditions for your production, and our satisfied customers across the region guarantee that if you opt for our machines, you will be one of them.

Whether you are a professional in the processing of fruits and vegetables and the production of food products from their fruits, or you just intend to become one, in addition to high-quality machines made by industry standards by the latest technical achievements and knowledge in the food industry, we offer recommendations in using our machines according to the accumulated experience of our clients.

Among our products, you can find an apple fruit mill, a fruit and vegetable masher machine, a fruit bubble washer machine with a conveyor and an elevator, as well as distillation machines. We also offer our fruit processing machines in one production line, which will enable you to produce a wide variety of fruit and vegetable products.

In addition to the best solutions for processing fruits and vegetables, you can contact us at any time for:

* consultations when starting production

* technical advice on the fruit processing process and possible results in the use of our devices

* recommendations regarding the design of production plants (formation of our product line) and assessment of the available space for machines

* training to work on machines

* assistance in the development of the production plan and the development phase of the procurement and use of our machines

*support in eliminating malfunctions caused by improper use, replacement of spare parts, and maintenance of machines

Since we apply the expertise of our engineers and technicians in production, as well as constant innovations based on valuable experiences we share with our clients, feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions for us.



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