Modern distillation devices – cauldrons are intended for the production (roasting) of fruit brandies, with maximally preserved aromas.

Product description:

Our technical solutions, which include distillation management, monitoring, and temperature adjustment in individual zones of the device, enable simple and precise management and control of the distillation process, giving excellent results. The quality of materials according to the appropriate standards and the production of built-in elements of our modern distillation devices provide top conditions for the production of high-quality spirits, fruit brandies, as well as other types of bioethanol.

Distillation devices are made of 99.99% pure Cu copper and Č4580 stainless steel (AISI304), which is used for the production of devices in the food industry and beverage production.

Technical specification:

We offer several types of distillation devices that differ:

1. By capacity (225l and 350l)

2. By material built into the individual elements of the device (distillation device – copper with a fineness of 99.9% and stainless steel Č4580 and distillation device made entirely of stainless steel Č4580)

3. By the number of rectification columns:

AROMATIC III – Rectification column – 3 levels

AROMATIC II – Rectification column – 2 levels

AROMATIC I – Rectification column – 1 level

Production deadline: 100 days