A mill for grinding, crushing, or shredding apple fruits (apples, pears, quinces) with a capacity of up to 1500 kg/h marked as M2200, produces a mass ready for further processing on fruit masher machines.

Product description:

Our mill is constructed in such a way that it does not cut seeds, seed coats, and stems during its work, but squeezes the fruit mass through the openings on the sieve according to the principle of the work of the masher machine. On that occasion, acids and oils from seeds, seed coats, and stems are not released, which impairs the quality of the final product. An additional advantage is the possibility of precise adjustment of the fineness of shredding, which is done by using different sieves, which we also have in offer.

The apple fruit mill is made of chrome-alloyed stainless steel (marked in the food industry as Č4580 – AISI 304), which makes the machine resistant to fruit acids, and thus long-lasting. Bearings and seals are made of stainless steel and Viton rubber used in the food industry, which ensures the maximum quality of your product.

Before the process of grinding the fruits, fruits need to be prepared by washing and rinsing them using the fruit bubble washer machine – elevator. The mass obtained with the help of a grinding machine can later be processed in a fruit masher machine. By using a masher machine, the stones and small stems are removed from the fruit, and you will get a purified pulp mass from which you can then make juices, jams, pomace, and the like.

See how the process of processing fruits and vegetables at the mill works on our YouTube channel.

Technical specification:

We offer an apple fruit mill, as well as several types of sieves.

Type M 2200 – Motor power – 2.2kW; Capacity up to 1500 kg/h (depending on fruit ripeness)

Additional sieves:

M2200 – hole perforation fi6, fi10, fi16, fi20, 30x20mm