The fruit bubble washer machine with an elevator for fruit transport, capacity up to 3000 kg/h, facilitates the process of fruit processing and fruit transport to grinding and mashing machines.

Product description:

The construction of our fruit bubble washer machine enables regulation of the speed of the conveyor belt using a frequency regulator, thanks to which, via the control box, you can precisely control the transport of fruits. Also, the high-pressure turbine (10 kPa) ensures the removal of all impurities from the fruit.

The fruit bubble washer machine with the conveyor is made of stainless steel which ensures its longevity. The fruit bubble washer machine – elevator can be placed in line with a fruit shredder machine and fruit masher machine, depending on the fruit and the required capacity, so it is possible to process all types of fruit in the complete line of the fruit bubble washer machine, mill, and fruit masher machine.

See how the process of processing fruits and vegetables on the fruit bubble washer machine works on our YouTube channel.

Technical specification:

We offer two types of fruit bubble washer machines:

Type E 300 – Total power 2.5 kW; Capacity up to 1500 kg/h (follows the capacity of the P4000 masher/pulper and the M2200 mill)

Type E 400 – Total power 2.5 kW; Capacity up to 2500 kg/h (follows the capacity of P5500 masher/pulper and M2200 mill)